After all the other climate warning predictions failed to materialize, the IPCC rolls out a whole new, scary “climate apocalypse” warning

The left-wing media has been reporting about imminent climate disaster for decades. It was nearly 20 years ago when the star of climate change,  Al Gore, the United Nations and mainstream media first began pushing the narrative that we had just over ten years to “reverse” course and stop climate change from destroying our planet. Now that a decade has past and the apocalypse still hasn’t arrived, climate alarmists are pushing the same old story about “ten more years” till doomsday, but with a few new twists.

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is not only using fear-mongering to promote the change hoax, the group recently announced that they’d be redefining “climate change.” But as it turns out, the new definition is rooted in meeting the left’s political agenda, and not actual science.

IPCC redefines climate change

News of the IPCC’s latest report has been spreading like wildfire. While the 1,200 page document has not yet been released, the IPCC has already put out a 34-page document, the Summary for Policymakers. Within this summary, the organization explains that “global warming” is going to be redefined, and there are going to be 16 pages worth of changes made to the current Scientific-Technical Assessment.

These changes, they say, will “ensure consistency with the approved Summary for Policymakers.” This is the first red flag: Science is being changed to uphold “consistency” with approved policies, when it is science that should be changing policies.

According to the IPCC’s 16-page summary, the new definition of “global warming” will be defined as such:

The estimated increase in global mean surface temperature (GMST) averaged over a 30-year period, or the 30-year period centered on a particular year or decade, expressed relative to preindustrial levels unless otherwise specified. For 30-year periods that span past and future years, the current multi-decadal warming trend is assumed to continue. 

As Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise contends, “[I]t appears immediately evident that an explicit assumption has been embedded into it despite the fact that the scientists themselves chose not to go there.”

A litany of other terms and concepts are also going to be “redefined.” It is clear that the IPCC is functioning as a political organization with a goal of bending science to fit their political needs. Science should drive the policy — not the other way around. According to Laframboise, this has always been the goal of the IPCC. While many of the changes being made by the group may seem minor or inconsequential, if these changes were as trivial as they seem, the IPCC wouldn’t be operating behind a very tightly closed curtain.

Further, minute changes can yield big results. Look at Big Tech: Operating under vague “community guidelines” has given tech platforms the ability to ban conservatives at their leisure, without any actual evidence or provocation.

The climate change hoax

As Mike Adams, founder of Natural News and creator of, has reported on many occasions, there is an abundance of evidence that indicates climate change as we know it is nothing but a hoax. As the Health Ranger notes, the IPCC first started giving out their “ten year warning” in 2001 — nearly 20 years ago. And the climate apocalypse still isn’t upon us; in fact, scientists now say that these initial “doomsday predictions” were totally wrong.

As Adams explains, much of the “science” that supports global warming has been found to be fraudulent. That is, scientists blinded by the alleged unanimity of the climate change debate faked their data to keep the “global warming” narrative alive.

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