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Women kicked out of women’s shelter for refusing to share room with a man claiming to be a woman

It’s official: we are now living in a society that has limited to no definition whatsoever. Sally can be a boy if she wants, David can be a girl, and Peter can be a hamster. And the second that anyone references biology and questions the anatomic identity of said persons, they are immediately called a bigot, a homophobe or worse. The obvious question, then, is what makes a man a man? What makes a woman a woman? Without any specific standards to point to with regards to sex and gender, our society is, at least in this case, without definition.

The new emphasis on transgender rights may sound like a noble and virtuous cause, but truthfully, it is pulling the rug out from underneath us. In many ways, America’s traditions and the Judeo Christian principles which we were founded on, are being destroyed. Additionally, women are becoming victims of sexual threats and harassment as they are forced to share bathrooms, locker rooms, and other facilities with men who self-identify as females. Just this past September, lawsuits were filed when a transgender student claimed he was a female to gain access to the girl’s locker room, where he then “twerked” and sexually harassed the other girls to the point where they were brought to tears.

More recently, Canada’s Global News Network reported on two women who were kicked out of a homeless shelter in order to make room for a transgender man – that is, a male that self-identified as another female.

When the women were told that they had to share a room with the man, they expressed discomfort with the living situation. “I was uncomfortable with my roommate being transgender,” one of the women, Tracy, told a TV reporter. “He wants to become a woman, I mean that is his choice but when a man comes into a women’s shelter who still has a penis and genitals, he has more rights than we do.” (RELATED: A transgender female wrestler’s victory leads to lawsuits and outrage.)

The second women, named Blaine, explained how being forced to live with a man denies her of her right to keep her distance from her male counterpart. “Some women have had bad experiences with men so they are fleeing men and now we have a man living there,” she explained.

Under Canadian law, transgenders and individuals in the process of becoming members of the opposite sex are given authority over men and women who identify according to their biological gender. If these laws were to be enacted via the courts in the United States, it would essentially outlaw all single-sex facilities and institutions, like bathrooms, locker rooms, sports leagues, and women’s shelters. (RELATED: You won’t believe what doctors are being asked to do to avoid offending transgenders.)

“We need to make a fine line between the distinction of male, female, and transgender,” Blaine argued. “I think it’s all three different groups. I feel bad for this person, they are transitioning but they need to be in a place where they can associate with other people like them.”

While Blaine makes an excellent point, some argue that there are only two groups and not three – male and female. Sex is defined by what reproductive organs you are born with, not what someone “feels” or thinks they are inside of their head.

Indeed, a recent poll conducted by UCLA, which is traditionally a pro-transgender group, revealed that just 23% of Americans felt that people should legally be allowed to declare their gender without any legal process or approval from the federal government. Additionally, a poll conducted by Politico and Morning Consult in February showed that of 2000 registered voters, 23% “strongly approved” of the transgender agenda, 13% “somewhat opposed” and 33% “strongly opposed.”


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