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Will veterinarians say NO when ultra-liberal pet owners demand sex change surgeries for their “transgendered” dogs and cats?

Liberals are, in many ways, in enigma. On the one hand, they worship science and criticize anyone who might even be a tiny bit skeptical of the “facts and evidence” they present. On the other hand, though, they resist basic science and biology when it comes to transgender issues. Even though gender and sex are defined by the reproductive organs you were born with, liberals reject this very basic concept and insist that sex is defined by what goes on inside your head. In other words, if you feel like a man then you are a man, and if you feel like a woman then you are a woman, even if those feelings contradict human anatomy.

Of course, how one feels on the inside is very subjective and lacks any real definition. As a result, it is impossible to tell how far the liberals will go in their never-ending quest for tolerance and inclusiveness. Who is to say, for example, that a woman who feels like a cat can’t be a cat? Who is to say that a man who feels like no gender accurately describes him has to have a gender at all? And why should this “anything goes” mentality only apply to human beings?

How would a veterinarian respond to a pet owner who wanted to change his male dog into a female dog? Would the vet say no? And if the vet refused, would the liberals label him or her as an intolerant bigot?

Of course, to rational Americans, this sounds silly. Dogs can’t even tell the difference between another dog and their own reflection yet alone determine what gender they prefer to be. Yet when you consider the mindset of the modern day Democratic Party, the idea of transgender cats and dogs really isn’t that far-fetched. After all, many Americans treat their pets just like their children anyway, and most parents are willing to do anything to see their kids happy.

Take, for example, 17-year-old Mack Beggs, who was born a female but is now in the process of becoming a male. Beggs’ grandmother, who happens to be her legal guardian, has been helping her gain access to steroids for some time now, thereby assisting her in her goal of transitioning into a man. Earlier this month, Beggs, who is a wrestler in high school, drew controversy for competing in a tournament with other biological females while taking steroids, which some parents claimed gave her an unfair advantage. Beggs’ grandmother defended her granddaughter, saying the outrage was all about “bias, hatred and ignorance.”

In Brooklyn, New York, parent Jodie Patterson is also raising a transgender child, only this one is much young than seventeen years old. For all of her life up until age 3, Jodie noticed that her daughter Penelope seemed angry and unhappy. When she eventually asked her what was wrong, Penelope said that she felt like a boy but “everyone thinks I’m a girl.” Jodie instantly accepted the fact that her daughter was a transgender child and began treating her like a boy. “That whole grumpy face became happy face,” she explained. (RELATED: Read about why the American College of Pediatricians says that the transgender programming of children is child abuse.)

However, just because some parents give their children hormone therapy and treat them like the gender they feel as opposed to the gender that they are, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily healthy. Dr. Paul McHugh, who is the former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, explained in the Wall Street Journal that transgender surgery is not the correct solution for people who feel they were born the wrong gender. Additionally, McHugh cited a study that showed that suicide rates among transgendered people who had undergone surgeries is 20 times higher than suicide rates among those who are not transgender.

Even though parents like to see their children happy and are often more than willing to assist them in transitioning to their preferred sex, it’s not the most wise, and certainly not the most practical decision.


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