Latest climate change scare story: Rising oceans to produce “2 billion climate refugees” by the year 2100, alarmists claim

The church of climatology persistently drives global warming fear into their congregation, to ensure that followers will continue believing, continue submitting, and continue giving their trust. The ministers of this religion preach a doctrine of climate change doom, as they shame a fundamental molecule of life (carbon), and call for global control (and taxation) of the weather, climate, and economy. These climate change ministers feign their altruism; they pretend to be righteous saviors of the Earth, as they stroke their follower’s good intentions, and ultimately fool them into believing they care about the future of the planet.

But deep down, these climate change propagandists and manipulators don’t care about the future of this planet or the health of the people. They are just followers of a death cult who need more followers to believe in their religious agenda of climate change doom. With unified belief, they can form global alliances that dictate the behaviors of people and businesses. With unified belief, they can enact new taxes, centralize wealth, control economies, and govern over Nations.

Since the masses are uncertain about the future and need a greater cause to follow, they will ultimately bow to the ministers of climatology and their fire and brimstone preaching. The latest climate change scare story comes from Cornell University. Their conclusion suggests that one fifth of the population will become “climate change refugees” by the year 2100.

The Cornell research somehow sees past all the natural cycles that take place on Earth and predicts rising ocean levels that will displace an estimated two billion people over the next 83 years. The scientists foresee that 1.4 billion people will flee coastlines by 2060 and will struggle to settle inland due to rising ocean levels.

Lead author Charles Geisler, professor emeritus of development sociology at Cornell, says, “The future rise in global mean sea level probably won’t be gradual” and there will be “significant barriers to entry” that these refugees “will encounter when they migrate to higher ground.” He asserts, “We’re going to have more people on less land and sooner than we think.”

Geisler also states, “The pressure is on us to contain greenhouse gas emissions at present levels.”

By controlling greenhouse gases such as CO2, Geisler believes the planet will retain its coastlines. “It’s the best ‘future proofing’ against climate change, sea level rise and the catastrophic consequences likely to play out on coasts, as well as inland in the future,” he proclaims.

We need more CO2, not less

The United Nations predicts that 11 billion people will inhabit the earth by 2100. As the world’s population climbs, humanity will need greater levels of greenhouse gas emissions (such as carbon dioxide), not fewer, in order to stimulate warmer climates, increase plant life, and foster greater food production.

By eliminating carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, these controlling climatologists will only restrict the growth of vegetation, ultimately causing a shortage of food and oxygen. If the followers of climatology should be concerned about anything, it should be the path their religion is taking them down. What will the planet look like if climatologists begin manipulating the weather and atmosphere? Will depleted carbon dioxide levels generate more cold and lifeless climates with receding climate zones for food production?

There will always be grave risks when people choose to live close to large bodies of water, build on sandy ground, or live in low lying areas. Humankind will always have to adapt to the weather and improve on real issues of pollution, but the global warming hype and carbon shaming are just dogma — a religious political cult agenda of taxation, control, and death. (RELATED: For more news on this topic, check out

Check out this video by the Health Ranger and learn why carbon dioxide is the miracle molecule of life:

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